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Student Registration Information

Items you need to register for the upcoming school year:

  1. Complete all documents in the registration packet provided by the school.
  2. Stamped copy of student’s birth certificate (not mother’s copy) , or proof of birth, such as passport.
  3. Student’s social security card, if available.
  4. Immunization records on the State of Tennessee Immunization form that is provided by either your pediatrician or the local Health Department.  This document can NOT be handwritten.  If your health provider gives you this document with the immunization information handwritten, tell them it will not be accepted.
  5. Two proofs of residency.  All proofs must contain the home address and one of the parent/guardian’s names.  Preferable proof is a utility bill, waste disposal bill, lease agreement, warranty deed, phone bill, driver’s license, property tax assessment, car insurance bill, DMV car registration or moving company receipt.  No junk mail, please. If you are living with a friend or relative, there is an additional document that person will have to complete.  You will be given this at registration.
  6. Custody Papers - If parents are divorced or do not live together, you will need to bring legal documents showing who is the primary custodial parent and how educational decisions are divided.  If you are the legal guardian or foster parent, legal documents (court order, educational passport, etc.) will need to be presented.

For upcoming kindergarten students:

All of the above and:
  1. The student must be at least 5 years of age by August 15, 2024.  No exceptions.
  2. The upcoming kindergarten student will have to have proof of a physical that is less than a year old by the time school starts in August.  This will be documented on the State of Tennessee Immunization form in the top right-hand corner.  It should include the date and doctor’s signature.

You can register your child without this document BUT it will need to be turned in within two weeks of school beginning..